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Brienz Rothorn Bahn

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The unforgettable experiences offered by the Brienz-Rothorn tourist rack railway include a large dose of hidden nostalgic and gastronomic exclusivity. Even the trip on the over 125 year-old steam railway up the Brienzer Rothorn mountain, which lies at 2,351 metres above sea level, is a unique experience. It brings to life memories of the romantic days of steam trains long since disappeared. The fact that the never-ending, all-round panoramic view is amongst the most beautiful in the Bernese Oberland is often only mentioned in passing.

Special daily presentations
Apart from the opportunities for highly varied mountain walks from the Brienz–Rothorn, the "Special presentations" of the animals that wander everywhere are particularly fascinating. A colony of ibex show off their climbing skills on the rocky slopes. A herd of chamois can be observed with binoculars. It is not unusual to spot golden eagles soaring high on the thermals, followed by ravens and sparrowhawks. Cheeky Alpine choughs fly this way and that in the clean, tangy mountain air. But also mountain cows chew the cud and happy pigs line the course of the steam railway.

Children travel free-of-charge
Some attractive services are just as colourful as the diverse countryside on the Brienz-Rothorn tourist rack railway. Such as the popular "Steam Sausage Express". Every Wednesday tasty cheese sausages are served with crispy "rack rail" bread at one of the halts on the line. In addition, everyone can take a free trip on the Brienz-Rothorn steam railway if it is their birthday. Children accompanied by an adult travel free.

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