Regionalpass Berner Oberland


Where can I get a brochure on the Regional Pass?

Online via the contact form or at any point of sale of the Regional Pass.

Where can I purchase the Regional Pass?

Online in the SBB Ticket Shop (Print@Home), at the airport railway stations in Zurich, Geneva and Basel, as well as at railway stations and boat landing stages and many tourist information centres in the region.

Is the Regional Pass only valid on consecutive days or is it possible to have a break in between?

The Regional Pass can only be purchased for 4, 6, 8 or 10 consecutive days.

Is the Regional Pass transferable?

No, the Regional Pass is a personal ticket.

How much does a Regional Pass cost for children or dogs?

Unit price of CHF 30.00 for 4, 6, 8 or 10 days

Are Junior Card and children's co-travelcard valid?

No, the Junior Card and the Children's Co-Travelcard are not valid.

Is the STS Family Card valid?

No, the STS Family Card is not valid in conjunction with the Regional Pass. For children we recommend the Child Regional Pass for CHF 30.00.

Is there a group fare? Special prices for groups?

No, there is no Regional Pass for groups.

Is a discount offered on the Regional Pass to holders of the International Reduced Rate card for rail employees (FIP)?

No, there is no discount offered for FIP.

Are reductions offered for senior citizens and young people?

No, there are no reductions of this kind.

Is there a 2-for-1 offer?

Such an offer was available several years ago. It is no longer offered at present.

How do I know what routes the Regional Pass entitles the holder to free travel on and where I need to buy a ticket?

The routes which entitle the holder to free travel are marked on the synopticmap with a continuous line. A reduced-price ticket is required for travel on routes with a dotted line. 

Is transfer from the airport included?

No, it is necessary to buy a ticket from the relevant airport to Bern or Lucerne.

Is the Regional Pass valid for city travel (trams, buses)?

The Regional Pass is valid for city travel in Thun and Interlaken but not in other cities.

What discount is offered on routes with a reduced price?

Most trains, cable cars and buses in the “reduced fare” section grant a 50% discount. These are marked on the synopticmap with a dotted line. On some routes (marked as “B” on the synoptic map) the discount offered is less than 50%.

Where can I purchase tickets at the reduced price?

In the case of mountain trains, cable carsand Postbuses, you can purchase a ticket at a reduced price directly at the valley station or from the driver on presentation of your Regional Pass. For all routes which offer a reduction of 50%, you can also purchase a half-price ticket in advance at any staffed point of sale or from most automatic ticket machines.

How much does a ticket cost from the Kleine Scheidegg to the Jungfraujoch with the Regional Pass?

The price is CHF 93.00 (reduction of 25%). The connecting ticket is available at all Jungfrau Railway stations or online at

How much does a ticket cost from Lauterbrunnen or Mürren to the Schilthorn with the Regional Pass?

You enjoy free travel from Lauterbrunnen to Mürren. The price for the connecting ticket to the Schilthorn is CHF 40.00 return (reduction of 50%).

Are dogs allowed on the trains, cable cars, buses, etc.?

Yes, dogs are allowed to be taken on all forms of public transport. They must be kept on the lead at all times, but a muzzle is not required. The Regional Pass for dogs costs CHF 30.00.

Am I allowed to take my bicycle with me on public transport?

It is possible to take a bicycle onto most trains and boats. Restrictions apply on buses and mountain lifts. Special fares apply. Enquire directly with the company concerned or at any staffed point of sale.

Are supplements payable on certain routes?

No, there are no supplements in the “free travel” area.

Which forms of public transport offer 1st class compartments?

All boats and most trains have 1st class seats.

Is it necessary to reserve a seat?

As a rule, it is not necessary to reserve a seat on trains, buses, boats, mountain trains and cable cars.

It is, however, advisable to reserve a seat when travelling to the Jungfraujoch. Tickets to the Jungfraujoch are limited. The connecting ticket to the Regional Pass Bernese Oberland and seat reservations are available online at or at all Jungfrau Railway stations.

How much does it cost to reserve a seat from the Kleine Scheidegg to the Jungfraujoch?

It costs CHF 10 per person (no discount on seat reservations) to reserve a seat for the return journey. It is possible to reserve a seat at all Jungfrau Railway stations or online at

Are the mountain trains and cable carsalways open?

Many mountain trains and cable cars and some Postbus routes have limited operating times. The currently valid opening times are listed here or directly on the Homepage from the partner.

Is the Regional Pass also available in winter?

No, the Regional Pass is only available from the end of April until the end of October.

Will the Regional Pass be replaced if it is lost or stolen?

No, in such cases the Regional Pass will not be replaced.

Will I be reimbursed for the Regional Pass in case of an illness or accident?

Yes, on presentation of a medical certificate to this effect, a refund will be granted for the unused days. Contact the place you bought it from.

Can I return my Regional Pass if I do not use it as a result of bad weather?

A refund will only be issued if the Regional Pass was unable to be used for compelling reasons like an illness, etc. Bad weather is no reason to issue a refund.



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